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Quick Release Kits x Gen 6 Celica


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I'm currently weighing up buying a '97 Celica T200 I've seen that's in decent shape and has a few modifications, but there's one thing I don't quite understand and it's making me question whether I should buy it at all.

It has a quick release steering wheel kit (Momo deep dish currently fitted) but still has the stock seats. It was fitted more than a year ago and the car has passed an MOT since then.

What I don't understand is how it passed and whether I should be concerned it won't in future because of the quick release kit.

AFAIK driver airbags were standard on all Celicas from '96 onwards (or at the very least on AT200s), and MOT rules state a car that comes with a driver airbag as standard but doesn't have it should be a straight MOT fail...so how did it pass then? I don't get it. Does it avoid an MOT fail for no OE airbag because they weren't a standard feature on the earlier runs of Gen 6 cars, even if by '97 (which this car is) they were?

Any advice apprecated! Cheers.

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