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Toyota Yaris 2002


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Good Morning

I purchased A Toyota Yaris 1299 cc 2002 , Automatic Transmission for my wife to learn to drive on the advice of her driving instructor ..I have always purchased Ford & Vauxhall since i was a youngster.. But i must admit i just love this little car.. much more than a Ford or Vauxhall.. 

Since we moved to our new house..the vehicle is parked on the drive, where as before it was parked in a garage.. Recently I have noticed the vehicle is letting in serious amounts of water.. when it rains the carpets in the vehicle are soaked ..rear passenger footwell & Boot Compartment.

I take the vehicle into the Garage last week ..2-3 leaks where found in the rear boot compartment, they were treated but they still have small leaks coming in .. which i can work on ..however after the rain over the last couple of days the carpet is soaked again in the rear passenger footwell this morning.. it was dry yesterday evening.

I am thinking it may possibly be the Sunroof , but i can not be sure.. ?

Does anyone know if this Toyota Model has a problem with water leakage into the vehicle..?

Really love the vehicle , but it is a major problem now..

any comments would be very welcome

thank you



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You may find with a car of that age, that the rubber door, boot and sunroof seals have become dry and inflexible. You could try cleaning all the rubber seals with hot soapy water (a splash of washing up liquid in the water will do). Allow to dry thoroughly, then give all the rubbers a good coating of silicone lubricant.

I use this one from Halfords, but any silicone lubricant will do.


I give the can a good shake first, spray a good amount into a cup, then apply using a 1" paint brush. That way, you don't get overspray anywhere that you don't want it.

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There are also two silicone/ rubber strips on the drivers and passenger side of the roof, located where in other cars you would attach roof rails.

They are quite easily removed, I believe they just slide into place at the front and rear, before buying anything I'd suggest checking under there to see if there are any rust spots/ holes. It would surprise me, as Yaris' never had an issue with rust, but you never know!

Similarly to what Flash22 mentioned, check all of the drains throughout the car, such as bonnet and doors, ensure they're not clogged/ blocked as this can easily cause a car to flood. You can use some sturdy/ thick plastic line, or buy specific tools to push through these holes and clean them out!

I hope this might help, I loved my Yaris. Couldn't fault it in the slightest, I wish you luck as it really is a lovely car!

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Put some gaffa tape around the sunroof if the carpet dries out you’ve found the problem, blocked sunroof drains are a problem and I’ve used net curtain wire to clear them, door rubbers, boot rubbers and rear light units can leak.

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