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Toyota 5+ Club ended 1st May 2021

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Having recently seen members having difficulty applying for Toyota 5+ Club, which gave 20% off servicing and MOTs once one's vehicle reached 5 years of age, I queried with Toyota GB whether the 5+ Club was still being offered. The following is Toyota GB's reply:

"Hi Michael,

Thank you for your email regarding the Toyota 5+ Club.

I can confirm that the 5+ Club ended on the 1st May 2021 but at this time, we are not able to comment on future offers, products or services.

We at Toyota are extremely proud of the class leading quality, durability and reliability of our vehicles. We also continually review the value of our products, services and offers to make sure we are offering the very best proposition on the market to our customers. The 5 year warranty is applicable to any vehicles being ordered now & should there be a change, it will be well publicised through all of our communication channels.

I hope this helps and thank you for contacting Toyota GB.

Kind regards,

Customer Support
Toyota (GB) PLC 
Distributor of vehicles, parts and accessories for the UK"

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Further to the above, I can confirm I have seen that the Hybrid Battery Health Check can be done for £45 if you don’t take the Toyota car service which includes a free Health Check.

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Interesting and thanks for the information.  Why on earth is the Toyota web site still displaying the 5+ club?  The cars might be excellent but theirweb is definitely on a par with VW et al.

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4 minutes ago, Anne Newbury said:

Why on earth is the Toyota web site still displaying the 5+ club?

Not that I've seen - the servicing page shows Toyota Relax.

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So this is interesting.

With no MOT cover, breakdown cover and now the end of the 5 + Club, is the new TOYOTA Relax warranty really that much better over the five years? Seems like TOYOTA are giving with one hand but taking away with another.

Not really worthy of the 'excited' press statements perhaps?

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