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No ready mode?! This will puzzle you


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Auris 2014 1.8 Hybrid will not go into ready mode. All lights come on with ignition – Car had water damage through window screen August last year. Car had window leak fixed. Stripped down - Checked Wiring and replaced items which had water damage : MPX BODY - Block Assem - Immobilizer - Power Management control ECU.

Using TSB BE-2037- New immobilizer says 2 keys already registered therefore unable to code. With new immobilizer plugged in same fault comes up with B2799 and get can't any further with neither. Ordered a second new ecu just in case the first one sent was faulty and still the same thing, it says 2 keys registered.

We would of thought being new immobilizers no keys would be have registered unless they are linked somewhere else? We haven't coded any of the other items replaced ( MPX Body - Block Assem - Power Management Control ECU) As can't see we need to (all lights etc work how they did)

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First off i take it you can talk to the ecu - you need to program the vin to the ecu  you will then need to clear the registered keys

what's the part number on the"immobilizer module

write the VIN

not sure if you can do it on the later cars - link pin 4 and 13 on the obd2 port, turn the ignition on and leave it on for 20-30 mins (lights on the dash will flash), remove the link, turn the car off - this links the ecu and immobilizer and the key in the ignition



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