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I have just bought a 2019 Prius Excel. The HUD does not seem to work.

The light illuminates on the HUD button when you press it and.

The brightness set up display looks like it’s working but nothing appears on the windscreen.

Being very new to the Prius, can there be anything I should have done?

It would be very helpful if someone could confirm it’s not me before I complain to the seller.


Thanks in anticipation,

Roger Moss

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Hi Roger, welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

The actual screen display can be moved up and down (but not sideways), maybe the screen is at one of its extremes and you not seeing it. It’s a possibility, so check. Some don’t like HUD (I think it’s great) so dim it out.

Have you got the car manual (paper version) or as FBalls has asked, downloaded the full manual.?  
I have Gen4 Prius Excel and managed HUD with just the paper manual. There is more then the HUD button, other bits are available in long display accessible through steering wheel buttons, that’s why you need a manual. You could tear your hair out without some help (or even with help).

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Thanks for all your help.

Yes Ian I did cycle through.

Yes FrostyB I have downloaded the full manual.

Yes Catlover you are absolutely right. It was at one end of it’s extremes. I don’t know how I missed it when I tried moving the display. I had the seat at it’s maximum height! By the way I would like a paper manual. How does the content compare to the full download? And where can I get it from?

Thanks again.

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The paper manual is not as full as the download. Obviously an attempt to save the worlds resources. Download the online to your computer, or even a usb stick, then you can refer to it as you like. No idea how to get hold of the paper booklet. Maybe eBay, it seems everything else is on there.

Just checked eBay for Toyota Prius 2020 User Manual, and yes, there are a few on eBay, about £15-£20 in the genuine wallet. Watch you don’t buy the plug-in, and make sure it’s the Gen4 2016-20

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