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Toyota verso 2011 AC not working

Mo. Hull

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Hi im new to this if someone can help me please. Toyota verso 2011 the AC light come on blowing hot air not cold . I have refilled about a month ago . Was working fine. But now ac light come on blowing not cold air . But the fan not kicking in when is on . Any advice please thank you.  Had the alternator replaced about aweek ago . And happened after that

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I have a doubt if your Cabin blower(fan) is working or not? As you mentioned it blows hot air so blower is kicking in right? And later you wrote as fan not kicking in?
1, What I know is if the cabin blower is not working your car AC will not work means AC compressor(AC clutch will not engage) won't start. Assuming you have sufficient refrigerant in the system.

-- Cabin blower or electricals to your blower failed, as you mentioned some electrical updates

2, If the cabin blower is working then there can be multiple reasons 

      -- first could be Leakage in the system (refrigerant low)

      -- And may be many other reasons, Major is compressor failure. Get the car checked by AC mechanic and don't use AC until then to avoid major repairs.
And describe more of your observations if possible, I can try to analyze the cause.

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