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Purchased the Corolla about three weeks ago and have over that time been familiarising myself with its features, except that is for one button. I’ve tried pressing it a few times but it doesn’t seem to switch anything on or off (as far as I can see). I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me. It’s located just beyond the small panel that have the lighting buttons and the SOS button.


mystery switch.jpg

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44 minutes ago, john p williams said:

Does the Handbook give any clues David ?

No need. Question was answered by @DavidTC 😉

Use it if you intend to leave one or more windows open when you park the car. It prevents pets or air movement from triggering the alarm.

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Hi everybody,

Thanks for all of your replies, it’s appreciated.

I did check every page of the User Guide that came with the vehicle, including ‘Theft Deterrent System’ section on page 35 before I asked you guys the question. I checked again after reading your replies and can confirm that there is no mention of it there.  I then decided to download the manual from My Toyota after entering the vehicles VIN. On this version of the manual, the ‘Theft Deterrent System’ is on page 102 and includes details relating to this button.

So thanks again for your help, I’ll be able to sleep tonight after my weeklong search!

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2 hours ago, Dave47 said:

 Perhaps we should start a new topic..finding things in the user manual😀

don't get me started!!! All the posts that say 'look in the manual' always takes me ages.

First you have to know what you are looking for is called, secondly use 'American English' .. I was looking for tyre pressures, nothing, comes up as tire.

Surely I'm not the only one that has issues?

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11 minutes ago, 50p said:

I was looking for tyre pressures

With Japanese and Korean cars there is usually a label for tyre pressures either on driver or passenger B pillar, inside the door opening, or inside the glove box.

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I know, all manuals are notoriously difficult to understand. A friend of mine recently purchased a Lexus and can’t make head or tale of how things work. Eventually gave up and now relies on YouTube for info.

As Toyota and Lexus have similar features I’ve been able to explain a few things to him such as the workings of the cruise control, up to that point, he didn’t even know that it was fitted on his car..... not mentioned Park assist yet😂

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I never even got a printed manual. To be honest that's fine by me as I see no reason to incur the environmental cost of the printing. However I also was never told how to find the manuals online so if it wasn't for this forum I'd never have read them.

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