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56 plate Avensis door lock issues


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I recently had a problem whereby my 56 plate Avensis hadn’t been used in over 12 months. The Battery was flat, so the fob wouldn’t work, meaning access was by (original) key only. Unfortunately, none of the keys, though turning freely, would spring the lock. I had it accessed by a local auto guy. He replaced the Battery, and all is good again now. Soon I will have to leave the car again for a long period. The auto guy said take the Battery out of the car and store it until I return. My car is in my garage so I could just, not lock the car. My fear is though that it may lock itself again then I’m in the same boat. I can’t see that, as there would be no power source, but I’m not sure. Can someone advise please.

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Why not free up the door lock?   Spray some WD40 in, if you have a "straw" WD40 you can spray left, right, up, down, and leave for a few hours.  Then put the key in and jiggle it about, turning left and right, gently but firmly. Maybe use pliers to give you some leverage, but gently does it.  WD40 is good at releasing but will dry out, so before it does spray in some thin Oil, lithium or silicone or similar, put it on the key as well, jiggle about again turning left and right. That should help. I cant see how the door will lock if the Battery disconnected, other then with a key.

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