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T27 Aircondition controller replace nordic to european


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My climate control knob is not working, according to the forum (https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/179512-t27-heateraircon-control-malfunction/?_fromLogin=1 ) it is probably a faulty potentiometer.

I would solve it by replacing the panel (from the used part shop (from wrecked cars)) but I have a "Nordic" edition with a special button for heating (type 55900 05310 - https://www.varaosahaku.fi/fi-fi/Hae/Osat/Tuotenumero/55900-05310/  or https://www.bildelsbasen.se/sv-se/pb/Sök/Bildelar/s1/Toyota/TOYOTA-AVENSIS/2009_2015/EL-&-Givare-&-Databox-&-Sensor/AC-Styrenhet-&-Manöverenhet/Alla/ID-40257693/55900
My Toyota Avensis T27 was  bought in Sweden.

In our country is available only normal European edition without this button (type 55900 - 05320

A new panel of the Nordic edition in an authorized service station costs 2x more than from a Swedish scrapyard (used part shop)and 4x more than the "European" one from a local scrapyard (used part shop). I don't insist on a special heater, so I would like to ask if the "Nordic" and "European" versions are interchangeable, so I can easily swap the Nordic for the European and save money.

Thank you for the answer

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I cannot answer your question regarding getting the more cheaper unit, but if the problem is the temperature control knob, I did my own fix a few years back -  

I dismantled, cleaned, adjusted and re-assembled the unit. It has worked fine since. 

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