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2000 Yaris 1.3 VVTi throttle problems.


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Morning all. This is my youngest son's car and despite it being rather elderly and somewhat battered (like me), he's rather attached to it. First cars, eh? We all loved our first car. He's also hampered by having the mechanical skills of a goose.

Anyhow, the problem is this. Starting from cold, the engine is very reluctant to pick up revs off idle. Flat you might say. If the throttle is held open it will eventually start to pick up, but there is no actual power if the gears are engaged. After about ten minutes, the problem fades out and the car behaves normally for the rest of the day. A local garage has replaced the injectors to no avail. I have cleaned the MAF sensor (the prongs and wire were black, they are now shiny) and have arrived at the end of my knowledge. Said local garage have now given up on the car.

We have an AA chap across the road from us who kindly pulled the codes with his OBD reader and says that they are all injector related. Currently the engine light is permanently on.

I hope that will give people a clear idea of what's going on. My own car was built in 1970, so it has points and carburettors, distributors and such like which I understand clearly. I hope someone here has experienced (and sorted!) something similar and will be able to advise.

Many thanks,



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As Flash says lets see what the codes are. Injectors can be slightly cleaned by using an additive in the fuel for a few tanks or by rigging them up to a proper cleaner and pulsing them open with a direct power source.  Or alternatively get a used set and get them cleaned by someone like Mr Injector (never used them, but have heard people mention the name)

Check the fuel pressure regulator is ok so you're getting proper fuel flow to the fuel rail 


Check your spark plugs - post up some pics and we'll be able to give an indication of what and where the issue could be

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SCV - only if it thinks it's a diesel 👍


A bad 02 sensor(s) will give a poor idle when cold, if it clears up when warm the heater is bad, if it thinks it's over rich it will lean the fuel trims out

A bad VVTi soleniod will screw with the timing, they fail with age and the lack of decent oil changes as its a 2000 (jap built) it will also have a filter


If it's gutless and won't rev, the cat could have failed plugging the exhaust

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Clean the MAF filter (care needed)

Check air filter is clean.

Clean the PCV valve.


These are basics I would expect any garage to do before anything else.


Then when engine is cold check all plugs for fouling , wear, arcing.

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Apologies all.

I have been called away by a family emergency, which has led to the loss of my Mother. I'll be away in Cornwall for at least a week. Hopefully I'll get back on this next week.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed so far. You are appreciated and I will update this at the earliest opportunity.


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