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T22 needs to replace a part of undercarriage but don't know its name

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Hi guys,


I plan to make some restoration of the car undercarriage, I need to replace a pipe that has rusted badly over the years
The rest of the undercarriage can be easily cleaned and painted with a protective layer. The pipe is located close to rear suspension.

Does anyone know the name of this part? Or is it a part of chasis that cannot be bought separately?


Thanks for reply




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Hi, is it a hollow tube or, as I suspect, a solid one? If solid, I would be inclined to rub it down with first a hard wire brush, then some sandpaper, then coat it with rust inhibitor and finally paint it. Would be best to remove it to do that, but, be careful, before you do, see if it is under tension. If it is, leave it in place to do it (as you may never get it back on!).

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Yeah, that's what I am planning to do for the rest of the undercarriage. However, this part cannot be saved because there are rust pieces falling out of it 😕

Luckilly, I just have found a clean (rust-free) used piece selling nearby 😄

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