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Front wiper blade fitting fail

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What's the part number on the blade ? (651U ?) It should have come with a new clip , Do you have the clip the right way around ?



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1 hour ago, Billyboy81 said:

It should just slide into place and the little retainer peg clicks home.

That's the one, only one side has a clip and tab

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That said, i think ours has an upgraded one (only bought car recently). The plastic part clips on the blade then slides into the hook

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Thanks for all the replies

Bosch wiper Blade Super Plus SP26, Length: 650mm - Single Front wiper Blade

Yes, there's a square hole in the arm hook which I thought would receive a matching male square but there's none in the plastic part that slides into the arm hook - so it can easily slide out again.

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It's the wrong blade for the Aygo

either 651U or AR26U


stop being a tight wad and pay the extra for the correct blade, the better aero twin blade (AR26U) is cheaper than the standard one  😉😉👍


Used aceparts loads of times - they are genuine parts and not old stock like some sellers


new blade, spray some glass cleaner on a cloth and wipe the packing grease off the blade install and enjoy


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