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Boris has gone

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Hi All,

I see more and more vehicles with number plates on the front dash with the name of the drivers' cars. As long as I can remember, I have always named my cars or vans.

The first being a mini van called Morris. A Honda called Henry etc., I am interested to know when the naming of cars first started and if this is popular in other countries.

As we bought a Toyota Auris we called it Boris but soon got rid of that and changed it to Horace.

What do you call yours?


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Yes believe it or not it is a lot more popular then you would think. You may remember the  Eddie Stobart haulage company who used to name all there trucks and this had a large following.

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I know it as a girly thing for cars but look at railway engines from Puffin Bill onwards. 

WW1 tanks had names.  Aircraft also with many WW2 aircraft, tanks and guns. I saw Army Challenger 2 tanks also with names though I can't remember the series. 

Someone I know with his initials on the plate VAD, we called his car the Impaler; it was the upmarket version of the Mondeo. 

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