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1996 2.2TD (RWD) Estima Emina Aeras Which engine oil?


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Hi All, 

As the title suggests I am trying to find out which oil Toyota recommends for my dad's car. 

We have already asked Toyota who can't help us??!!

Euro car parts etc etc can't help us. 

Does anyone have this model and if so what engine do you use?

Or better so if anyone has the owners manual would you be so kind just to send me a photo of the oil specs page please? 

Thank you

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  • FROSTYBALLS changed the title to 1996 2.2TD (RWD) Estima Emina Aeras Which engine oil?

Thanks for reply Beaufighter.  

Anyone have the manual as I would like to know what Toyota recommend for this originally?

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As regards the owners manual, the Estima was never officially exported to Europe - which is why Toyota GB wouldn't provide any information - and owners manuals would probably have been in Japanese. Some owners may have got hold of translated copies.

A third party website (engine-specs.net) gives the following grades for the Toyota 3C-T engine: 5W-30, 10W-30, 15W-40.

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