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External Aerial......is it DAB compatible?


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Ever since I've had my 2013 Verso, DAB radio has always been a bit flaky. Occasionally it will lose reception for a couple of seconds and I find it very irritating.

I'm wondering whether it's to do with my aerial. When I bought it, it never said DAB on the description, only AM/FM but I assumed it should be fine with DAB. Is this where I'm going wrong? My aerial is like this one pictured but on this particular one it states DAB, but to it looks exactly the same. Perhaps I may need a full size aerial?


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I've gone ahead and purchased a new aerial and it is slightly longer than my current. I checked the signal strength and it is indeed has a stronger signal however the local channel I listen to on 12D struggles to pick up the station compared to my 'weaker' aerial despite the signal readings 🤦

I will have another play later, my be a drive around to see if I get any drop outs but I'm finding this a bit frustrating especially in theory the new aerial should be better.



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For those interested, I'd like to share how I've solved the is issue. I recently installed an old Dashcam to the rear window and when I unplugged the camera it worked perfectly. In fact it hasn't dropped out once. I use to have the same issue with this camera on my old Honda where the Aerial assembly was at the front of the roof. This caused issues with my normal FM signal. I had noticed that my FM signal was ever so crackly but nothing major but certainly the DAB was very noticeable.

I hope this helps anyone with similar issues and consider the Dashcam may be a cause for poor reception.

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On 9/23/2022 at 11:06 AM, flash22 said:

A clamp on 5 mm ferrite put on the aerial cable within 6" of the radio, will cut a lot of localized interference




I did try this on my old Honda but it didn't stop enough of the interference. But definitely will try if I decide to keep the read camera installed 👍

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