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Footwell light kit fitted.


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Fitted the footwell light kit today using the Toyota instructions from there Tech document site - there are drilling templates in the instructions so pay attention to the page size when you print that page out!

Pretty easy to fit if your handy with tools, you do need automotive interior trim removal tools plus it takes a good few hours to fit working carefully & methodically.



Front dim to match the factory ambient lighting.


Front bright when you unlock / open the door.


Rear works exactly the same - heres a picture of the rear with door open so bright.


All pictures taken inside my garage so not fully dark, next time I'm out at night time Ill try & get some better pictures.

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As promised got a couple of pictures in the dark of front passenger side footwell light in operation & with the interior lights off.

Dim setting.


Bright setting when you unlock / open a door.


Seems a shame Toyota don't fit footwell lights as standard.

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Nice one. 

I think for the Yaris higher trim level like excel/GR they do fit footwell light from recently iirc. 

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Thanks so much for the advice and photos. It does look great and also tempting! It is a luxury really, but desirable.

I consider myself quite confident using tools and methodically as well! However, I don't really fancy trim removal, having faced those challenges with other cars in the past.

Still have to think about it. Do you think 2 hours toyota garage fitting time would do? That probably doubles the initial price!

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Toyota should have a book time to fit there official accessory kit to a certain model of vehicle so in theory they should be able to quote you a fully fitted price.

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