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Hi Ian, 

I recently had a problem trying to find a phone holder that would fit on the dash of our Auris. I was given one by a neigbour which had never been used . It had a suction cup to secure on the screen or dash but it didn't matter how I tried to secure it on the dash it would not stick. I used water and everything else except for superglue or a hammer and nail😅. I gave it back in the end. However I purchased a vent support one off eBay and it has been fine. Unfortunately some years ago I had my car broken into and was told that thieves see these holders and think there could be a phone or other equipment in the car worth stealing.

Regretfully that incident put me off leaving any holder on view. The vent ones sit below the dashboard and are very easy to remove when leaving the car out of view.

This is the one I got cheap but does the job.


I'm sure if your looking for something more fancy there are plenty of members who will recommend one to you.👍

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