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Hi all newbie here and my first post... Am looking for a diagnostic setup for my 2010 t27 d4d avensis.

Am aware that techstream is the way to go but seems theres so many versions and different windows operating systems i am completely lost.

Is the likes of aftermarket delphi or icarsoft any good? Just the usual reading codes, clear codes and live data




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Hi, I have Delphi (recently updated to 2023 version) and teachstream (about 3years old). If you are going to use It only in Toyota then go for techstream, It has much more info and easier to find.

I am still adapting to the new version of Delphi but when you are looking for a specific data is very unclear and have to try different lists until you find It.

Also the 2023 version needs a better computer.

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I have older versions of Techstream and Delphi. I use a Launch 129 that gets regular updates and fast to use for initial diagnostics. Techstream works the best obviously, Delphi works with most makes, and since I had my Launch in 2015, it has improved.

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