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Avensis keyless door handle replacement/repair


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Hi all,

I have a 2009 Avensis (T27) with the keyless entry system. Recently my unlocking sensor in the drivers side door handle stopped working. The locking button/sensor still works fine. The passenger side also still works fine. I got it checked at the Toyota garage and they said they'll have to replace the door handle, which is about 500 euro excluding tax.

I think that's just too much so I went online to find a 2nd hand door handle with the keyless sensor. I can find a replacement door handle for about 40e including shipping, which is great. However, I cannot find one in the right color. 

I see 2 possible solutions;

1: grind the new handle and spray it in the right color.
2: disassemble the new handle. Use the inner hardware of the new handle and install it in the old handle.

I don't have good experiences with grinding and spraying parts, so I tend to go for option 2. However, getting off the handle requires to remove the inned door covers, so it takes some work. So I have to disassemle half the door to be able to examine the door handle up close to see if it can be disassembled.

Does anyone have experience with these handles? I think the Prius (and maybe other models too) have the same handles. Or any other advise?


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Hi Joram,IMO I wouldn't attempt to disassemble the new handle use the inner hardware of the new handle and install it in the old handle. 

The feasibility of this approach depends on the design and complexity of the door handle assembly. Disassembling and reassembling small electronic components can be intricate and risky if not done carefully. Incorrect assembly might lead to malfunctioning or even damage the components.

You could take the second hand handles to a spray shop and get them done professionally. if you haven't had experience of spraying before it can be difficult and the results may not be what you are looking for.

It may cost a little more but it would save you the hassle and you would get the right look. Hope this helps.😄

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Thanks for the advice!

After another few hours on google I found the right handle, right color on a swedish website, 56 euro incl shipping. So I probably don't have to get creative after all 🙂

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Appearantly the door handle wasn't the issue. I received and installed the new one and still the locking works, but the unlocking doesn't. It must be a faulty wire/connector somewhere. 

Does anyone know where to find the wiring diagram for the T27 Avensis locks, so I know which wire to double check?

Any advice on how to approach this?



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@flash22 is the best guy for this.:smile:

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So I found the connector on the other end of the wires. It has 5/6 wires except for the black/white wire which I assume to be the 12V.

I measured the resistance through the wires, 4/5 show low resistance. 1 red wire shows an infinite high resistance, so there's the issue. I marked the faulty red with black tape.

How to continue, I don't know if the problem is in the wire or in one of them connectors. I could measure both sides of the connector inside the car with the same result, so I assume it's not in that connector. The connector on the door handle is a sort of waterproof connector sealed with rubber, so I cannot measure on both sides there. 

These connectors are not made for a wire to be replaced. So how to solve? Cut the wire and check the resistance at the plugs. If ok, pull and connect a new wire?





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I found that I can replace individual terminals in the plugs, so I can install a new wire. I bought a multi terminal removal tool. I can buy new terminals online, but I have no clue which size I need to buy. Any advice? @flash22

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terminals are a difficult one to source

white/black is what Toyota uses as an earth it will be on the other connector

check your continuity end to end of each wire, you can pull out the packing on the grey connector for testing

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Ah the grey connector can be dismantled? I already wondered how this was assembled.

I found the connector on AliExpress.


I cannot find these terminals individually, so I might buy this just for 1 terminal.

Then I only need another terminal for the White plug, which seems a bit more standard. This way I van replace the whole red cable by a new one.

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Toyota's OEMs are JAE and Sumitomo iirc the white plugs are NH series

pig tails (1 terminal crimped on a wire) from toyota are £15 each


when I see them cheap, I pick up door looms, the last one I got was from an Auris


NH crimps can be a pain to crimp without the correct crimpers

this is a useful PDF as it lists the tech specs and diagrams



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