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New Headlight Bulbs

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I've got some osram cool blue headlight bulbs and are looking to fit them this weekend, (when the snow showers stop)

I was just wondering how do you go about changing them, as I have searched but didn't fine much, do you really have to take the front bumper off, as it seems a bit much just for changing bulbs.

Any info on how to change the bulbs, screw locations for the bumpers, would be appreciated,


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Never done on my yaris. Its a bit fiddly normally but easy.

At the back of the light unit the sockets will be there. Just remove the covers normally bit of plastic twiste don. Then a rubber sock thing to seal it just pull off gently. Then carefully pull the unit out. Don't touch the bulbs or contacts. The bulbs just pulg in I think. All from memory so don't hold me to it. Its quite obvious and should be in the manual

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Are all headlamps the same for the Yaris? My daughter has a 1.0 2001 3-door

with a duff headlamp bulb. First place to look on how to change it is the

manual, which appears to give clear instructions, BUT does not tell you how

to avoid the fusebox which is bolted to the chassis and prevents anyone getting to the back of the nearside headlamp assembly. Anyone got any help on this please?


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Yep, they're all the same... just follow the manual and loose a few layers of skin in the process when doing the passenger side bulb!

Once you've done it though, you'll realise how easy it is to do next time you need to!

Just make sure the bungs back in properly to stop water and condensation getting to bulbs! :thumbsup:

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