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What Induction Kit Should I Use For T Sport


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i'm planning to get an induction kit for my t sport but i've been thinking which induction kid would be best? i've tried looking for a HKS induction kit but no luck so far? can anyone help me? oh and anyone know any sites where i can get a turbo for my t sport?


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Not sure if HKS do a induction kit for the t-sport, But the Apexi is the better one,

try envy performance www.envyperformance.co.uk

they do everything for the yaris.

As for a turbo you'd have to ask someone else or ask envy, I havn't seen one for the t-sport but I know they do a supercharger.

Induction kit's about £130 and the supercharger is about £4000 fully fitted

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Yeah HKS do them for the t-sport - I had one on mine for a long time - good filter. (Still have it - just lives on the missus's car now). TDI sell and fit them.

Only reason I changed is that I wanted to relocate mine and the big HKS mushroom takes up a lot of room. Ended up with an Apexi - again good filter - but cone shaped therefore easier to fit behind the headlight.

Got my Apexi from Envy - they'll be happy to sort you out with whatever you need.

HKS and Greddy both do aftermarket turbos for the T-Sport ...

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greedy should be easier than the hks tho

i have the apexi induction kit and cant fault it, great filteration, plan to re-locate it within next week or so aswell, get as much cold air going in as i can!!

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