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Well Done To The Police


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Breaking News @ 1626 Sky News

Security sources confirm they believe all four bombers are dead. They suspect the three on the Tube were suicide bombers but are keeping an open mind on whether the bomber who died in the bus bomb meant to kill himself.

All four men are said to be from the Leeds area of West Yorkshire. They have been captured on CCTV taken at 0830hrs on 07.07.2005 leaving Kings Cross station after travelling down together from West Yorkshire by train.

Personal artefacts from each of the four men were found close to the seats where the bombs are thought to have detonated on all three seperate tube trains. One bomber has been confirmed through DNA to have died at the Aldgate explosion. Police forensic specialists are carrying out tests to determine for sure that the other two tube bombers were killed by the explosions.

The bus bomber is also awaiting DNA identification.

Police say one of the four men was reported missing to the Police at 1000hrs on the morning of 07.07.2005 by his family, who were said to be aware that he was travelling to London that morning.

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Yes. Real CSI work and good old fashioned policing combining to catch those reponsible and make this country just a little safer for us all in this mad world.

Respect to them all and also to all those ordinary people who went straight back to work and their normal lives. :yes:

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Greta work by the UK police and a little reassurance for anyone who was a bit nervous....

As typical the amercians have done nothing to help by banning alltheir military staff in the uk to enter the m25 ring, great way to build up reassurance !!!

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