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hi everyone my name is richy or rich, i have just bought my 1990 mk3 supra 3.0l non turbo, my boss just m.o.t'd it for me but it has failed and i need some help getting parts as ive just spent £300 on the front brakes and running out of money fast and i want to fix it all so i can enjoy the nice ride for whats left of the summer.

failed on n/s/r shock so another one needed

n/s/r flexi brake hose another one needed

o/s/f motor for the pop up lights not working

o/s/r metal brake pipe t pipe corroded so gotta make new ones up :(

front Wiper Blades flew off when tried haha but there perished anyway

slight holed on n/s and o/s outter sills/ but ive got that sorted

basically not too bad lol, but what i really need help on is the n/s/r shock if anyone can help me on that please ???

hope to speak to you all soon take care ....richy

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I have the shocks.... I might have the flexi pipe (might have chucked it, I just put braides lines on) I also have the light motors (although that should not be an MOT fail!!!!).

Where arer you? PM me! I literally have shed loads of mkiii spares!!!

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A massive thanks to Karma Supra as he has helped me big time with my parts to get my baby on the road asap  :thumbsup:  i hope ill be of some help in time to come also to repay back cheers mate.

where in south wales are u? im in blackwood. how about u?

hello and welcome. baz :thumbsup:

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anyone know where i can get some decently priced tyres as i need 4 lol either that or tyres with wheels im not fussy as long as they look nice ok id rather keep the look standard as poss at least for this yr anyway i do have a few ideas up my sleves fr next yr mind but shhhhhh lol

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good thinking batman i will just do that, my boss just offered me tyres for sweet fa but there 205/40/16 not the 225/55/16 well i guess they will b ok till i got some more dosh to spend cos this car costing me a fortune lol but hell its worth it B)

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