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Prius Servicing At Platinum Bath, Bath.


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I took my Prius to the Toyota Bath dealer, Platinum Bath, where I originally purchased it, for its first (10K) service.

All in all, the service was okay but not especially recommended. The total cost was £96 which made me happy.

A few complaints:

- the boot lilght in my Prius has never worked. I mentioned this when I dropped the car off, and when I collected it, it still hadn't been fixed. I know they wrote it down, so they obviously forgot about it or couldn't be bothered :) Anyway, it's not as if it would make much difference. But still, annoying.

- they didn't mention anything about the recalls that have come up this year. :(

- they could have washed the car, but didn't. Maybe I was expecting too much?

Rating? 6.5 out of 10


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