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Lost My Bearings...


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Been away for quite a while, so Hello again :D

Just thought I would share my short tale of woe as I'm told it's quite rare, I wonder if it is really though......

Been happily driving about in the 2 especially since I fitted my TurboXS Type H-RFL B) ( its only taken me 8 months to get hold of one :ffs: ) when a couple of days ago I started to hear a squeek from what I thought was the front n/s wheel, I thought it must be a calliper making its own plans to become yet another one of those seized mr2 callipers :censor: when a thought crossed my mind....why did the wheel squeek when driving normally but stop when I pressed the break...PANIC I thought it must be a wheel bearing gone, so I jumped out checked my n/s/f and there was only the smallest amount of play...strange, so i phoned my Toyota garage told them the story and asked ' how much for a new bearing ?' Mr-T was disgusted with me and said.....' We have never changed a wheel bearing on a Mk2 Mr2 !!, I can guarentee you that it's a stiff calliper which probably needs replacing, why don't you drop in this afternnon and I will show you'

So I thought , ok, I guess I'm wrong(again) and raced around at about 428 mph, not stopping for old people or even roundabouts, after all I only had a stiff calliper it wasnt even seized yet so it was ok to do so :rolleyes:.... I drop it off whith the techies, get chatting to a nice fella with a nice 'S' plate Mr2 for sale..... then Mr-T comes out and says ' You dont need to drive many miles with that Mr2 do you? ' .... I said ' why of course, what else am I going to do with my time? work or something? ' ... Mr-T then replies ' WE have found that your wheel bearing has gone...your wheel could come off at any time ' .......

....so now I'm off the road for a few days, but at least Mr-T in my area is going to get his first shot at fitting a wheel bearing and hub on a Mk2 Mr2 :rolleyes:

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