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Gen 6 Alarm Siren


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Hi all,

I have a '97 ST with the factory-fitted alarm (Toyota's own one as opposed to a Scorpion, which I believe some models have). The alarm fob is black, flat at one end, curved at the other, Toyota logo on the top, two grey rubber buttons , red LED in the top RH corner.

The fob has been misbehaving for a while now - taking more pressure than it should to get the disarm button to fire. Don't know how, but it's now arrived at a point where it appears to have got out of sync with the car so even though it's transmitting (the red LED lights up), it doesn't switch the alarm off. Neither button has any effect.

I can start the car and drive off, and the alarm siren stops after 30 seconds or so, so I guess the immobiliser is disconnected. It's going into a Toyota dealer on Monday (contacted a 3rd party first, but they say only Toyota can fix this particular alarm / fob) but it would be nice to shut the siren off over the weekend if I can.

Can I just pull a connector out of the siren or is there more to it than that? Will the engine start with the siren disconnected? Where is the siren?

Sorry for the dumb newbie questions!



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I'm only going from what I think here but it should be worth a try.

Now from memory I think the siren is a green thing. To see it open the bonnet and look down to the right infront of the engine and to the side, it's under some filler bottles or something like that. I would presume you can just disconnect it. The worrying thing is that the immobiliser should be working now!

You may need to check with your insurance if you remove it as some only cover you for theft if it has the cat 1 alarm AND immobiliser :thumbsup:

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