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My good lady passed her driving test in June and has always set her heart on an MR2 mk1. :D

Here's what she'll be driving: 1986 MR2 mk1 hardtop, 82K, FSH. It's a cracking ride, excellent condition overall. A few minor things to put right, but for the price I reckon it was a real bargain! :thumbsup:

Going to collect it at the end of this week.

Thing is, she's out in Cameroon visiting her family for the next 3 weeks so plenty of time to start the modding! :lol:





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Wow. Looks great, love the colour :-) I'd have really liked a Mk1 if I could have found one for sale in good condition like that - they're becomming collectors items.

And nice to see another Red MR2 in Notts. I'll look out for it.


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Not a bad looking example you have there :thumbsup:

Yeah, she's a beaut!  :D

Mods planned:

15" rims

lowering springs & gas dampeners



15" Rims :thumbsup: You don't want to go any bigger as it ruins the handling...

Lowering Spring & Gas Dampers :thumbsup: I have PI progressive springs and will be fitting KYB gas strutt inserts soon. You also have the choice of a few other spring manufacturers, but Koni are the only other decent shocks you can get. Full Koni kit (shocks and springs) will set you back 400 notes. Check fensport.co.uk and DCDezign.com for bits. Make sure you get Early spec items as late spec differ.

Zorst :thumbsup: Mongoose or Magnex are the only two worth considering. Same as above with regards to early/late spec items - the downpipes are different.

Induction :thumbsup: I use K&N as they still make a specific kit for the early spec (Air box in engine bay - not boot as the late spec). There are other "universals" available.

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