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Various Paseo Bits I Need To Sell...


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Updated list:

Ok, I know I already have a thread on stuff im selling already but Im gonna update costs and stuff ive got to sell on a nice new fresh thread:

1. Polished 5efe Valve Cover - £75 + £5 P&P - I got this done for about £113.98 by London Chroming, who I understand to be quite a reknowned place, plus I bought the valve cover originally for £42. Selling now

2. Gen2 Paseo H4 (hi/low) Headlight bulbs - £1.00 + £1.50 P&P - Took them off my 'seo, theyre in good condition from what I see, and they performed as per normal when on the car. Selling now

3. 2000 Toyota Camry (5SFE) Radiator cap - £0.75 + £2 P&P - Came off of " my " car in Saudi Arabia, is in decent condition, no signs of corrosion or whatever. It will fit any Toyota radiator (Paseo included) as far as I know and its the standard 0.9kg/m jobbie. Selling now

4. Used 1997 Paseo air filter - £1 + £2 P&P - As said, came off my car, tis in reasonable condition, a bit grey in parts but reasonable. Will fit Paseo / Starlet. Selling now

So if you're interested in anything here, lemme know and u2u me or whatever! My other things for sale are in the " for sale " section ironically...just trying to get more response for the Paseo / Starlet compatible stuff, Thanks

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hello james, sorry for the late reply (you know with the whole going to uni crap...) but yeah, no problem. and im pretty adamant that it will go straight onto the 5efhe / 4efe / 4efte / 5efe. infact, i got it off of andrew and it may well be a 5efhe cover in the first place iirc

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