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Overheating Mr2 Turbo


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My Mr2 sprung a leak from the air conditioning unit when it overheated a couple of weeks ago, my mechanic isn't 100% sure what the problem is but thinks it could be the heater matrix - could this be right as he's quoting £250 odd quid plus fitting to fix this?

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i know this may be kinda obvious to some but it wasnt to me a few weeks ago so :) hope this isnt me being pointless but ..... got mine recently and had some probs one of which was an overheat.... as the garages we went to werent 100% sure either we just went to Toyota as they definately know the car backwards .... they werent cheap but the service was excellent and theyve been really efficient, generous with advice, gave me 4 litres of coolant, let me take the car back to make sure its sweet now and health checked the car as standard... maybe u should either go with one of the recommended fixing places tthat get banded around on here or goto toyota if theyll do it as some toyota dealers apparently wont touch them. we just thought it better to be safe and not take chances with the car .... hope you get ur prob sorted and get back to funtime :) best wishes n gl

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