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Found This 2 On The Japanese Auction Scene!


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Found some great tips on repairing it :thumbsup:


File - to remove any excess material, be it from production or from cutting the pieces out

Craft knife - same as the file but I found it easier to use, although I do have wounds from its use.

Modelling glue - plastic model glue is designed to bind two pieces of plastic together, by a process only describable as plastic welding or fusion. This glue does take time to set, its not superglue. It is not designed to glue anything else

Clamps - invaluable to hold things together while they set. They're like a second pair of hands. they also speed up the building process.

Flat paint brush and paint pallet - The type of paint brush is that you see in most model shops and the type you get in most model packs have a rounded bristle. When applying pressure to the bristles such as you do when painting the bristles spread out, this causes an uneven distribution of paint and makes detailing much harder. The ideal brush has a flat bristle end which doesn't spread out when pressure is applied. A pallet is useful to mix paints and blot the paint brush.

plastic-cement.jpg ;) :thumbsup:

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