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Toyota Should Have Done This To A Mk1


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Well if you roll a car any one without a tin top is gonna be more messy I guess...

But then again.... it -should- be difficult to roll an MR2 without some serious going for it...

I so would have a convertible.. I love em

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Guess ive just heard too many horror stories, and there is always the unexpected events that could cause the car to roll-

think the T-bar is the furthest id go with regards to losing the safety of the roof - you lose stability aswell when you take the top of the car off

Plus i would never have the roof down - too scared of messing up my hair! :D :lol:

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lol :P

losing stability is something that happens in cars that werent built to be convertibles... (like the above I guess ;) )

If a car is built purposefully as a convertible... they build ridgity into it in other areas... eg the mk3 MR2 very ridgid and good at handling / cornering :)

but there will always be something more of a risk having an accident in a car without a roof...

I just figure if its gonna happen its gonna happen... I watched a mate of mine (and had to look after him) after an accident he had in his old escort.... went into a tree... and the entire roof caved in into the drivers side... if he hadnt been thrown across the car... he would have been decapitated :( ... luckily he wasnt.. and still lives to tell the tale...

So I guess nasty things can happen regardless..

As for the hair problem? ... stick to tin tops Teegs ;) only way you gonna keep away from the 'windswept look' :thumbsup: hehe

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Like JJ said.. cars that were designed as a convertable are a lot more rigid than cars that were later turned into one.. Escorts etc.. the difference beteween driving the two would surprise you. The car that wasn't originally designed as a convertable twists and flexes all over the place, whereas a purpose built convertable doesn't.. it feels the same way as a normall car does. (but handles better ;) )

The biggest dangers for convertables isn't rolling over (although that would be messy) is a head on collision.. a car that wasn't originally designed as a convertable is more likely to fold in half under this type of impact.. and there is more chance of a head on crash than there is of rolling a car.

But you shouldn't be afraid to get a purpose built convertable, great fun to drive, low centre of gravity (so he chances of rolling ar seriously cut down) and superb handling... as for the hair issue..


...... there is absolutely nothing wrong with this look :lol:

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