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Rav 4 Colour Nav Unit


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Hi I wonder if any on can guide me. I purchased a xt5 colour nav unit from ebay and when i installed it i found that the music cd carrage was bent so it wont accept any music cds and ive been told that you cannot get hold of any spare parts????????. also there was no nav cd i have seen various cd's on ebay but does anyone know which one i require?

any suggestions will help




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I would contact the vendor/ E-Seller and ask for a full refund and say you want to return the item as you are not happy with it, under the term of selling on E-bay. Then add if he sources a new carrage and sends it to you free you will keep it.

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I used to repair car audio equipment for a local independant car audio dealer some time back. I had a lot of repairs where cassette and cd carridges were bent. If nothing is broken or missing then the unit should be able to be repaired as the carridge components are thin and can be bent back into shape. The main problem is when someone has had a go at fixing which normally results is damamge beyond repair without parts.

When parts are required for a unit such as this you really do struggle to get them and very often the unit would be written off and often left for spares by the customer.

Try getting your money back from the person off ebay IF it was described as 'working' alternatively I can have a look at it for you if you post it to me.



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