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Rear Rav4 Damage.

Uncle Bob

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Spotted this on Ebay the other day, and it got me thinking :wacko: , this sort of rear end shunt, must be a common problem for any Rav4 owner, i wonder if the rear end damage would be less or more if the spare wheel was not fitted.

i suppose with the wheel fitted it keeps the damage more central, so only writes off the back door ,and not the wings,lights and 1/4 bumpers :) .



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At least it is only a rear door. Mind you, bet they aren't cheap!

I'm after one like that at a breakers. I'd quite like the silver coloured body side mouldings for mine. Not sure I want to have mine painted.

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Stuart the side cladding and bumpers are just painted. Just Toyota have them painted, underneath they are just the same black plastic that you have. I had to buy a replacment front bumper for my Silver '98 RAV VX as only the silver coloured models at the time had the side cladding and bumpers painted in darker silver colour and Mr T. supply them only unpainted so you have to get them painted, Granted if you find a whole set at a breakers will save having them painted.

My old '98 RAV4 VX



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Can you remember if they still had the bumpy surface to them?  Or had they smoothed it off?

I like those side marker lamps in the rear bumper too.  Where'd you get those?  :)

Think you'll find all Rav4's regardless of age, all have a bumpy finish on bumpers and side mouldings :) .

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Stuart my sidelights where Toyota USA original parts that were fitted to all 1996-1999 RAV4's at the time, I bought them from I think Jay Marks Toyota Parts (http://www.toyotaworld.com) but any US Toyota Dealership will be able to source them.

They were perfectly legal as I believe you can red sidelights on rear only and amber/orange sidelights on either front or rear.

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