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Where Is My Stat


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Just got back off holiday, and my stat is here (had to go and puck it up from post office).

So to fit it, wanna get it done so my car is back on the road for work tomorrow.

Where is the stat on a rev1 tubby ?

Started taking off all the pipes / metal cooling system bits that the filler goes to, looked like an abvious place, but nothing in there :angry:

Where is it ? ;)

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Yep, found it guys cheers !!

It is in the same place as the n/a, damned pain that i stripped all that other stuff !

Oh well, all sorted now cheers !

Gonna take her out, and see if shes ok now !

I thought it was in the same place as you to start with, so I took all those pipes etc off. How p!ssed off was I when I found nothing in there!! :ffs: :censor: :ffs:

Got it done now tho. I've even got hot air coming out the heater now!! :thumbsup:

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