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7afe Engine Block Porting And Boring Out.


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I've got the chance to clean up a old 7AFE engine block. But i've been looking on the web and other fourms but I am having real trouble finding anything on how to port and bore out the block. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Please remember that I will be doing the work myself (have access to a eng, workshop)

This block should end up as my 7AGE engine when done. Since I have her in bits any way I might reinforce the rod, crank, etc incase I whack a turbo on her later.


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Dude, you cant port a block?!?! You can port heads! :D

And why would you want to bore a 1800cc lump anyway, you wouldnt want it any bigger tbh! Plus i think you will have great difficulty getting your hands on oversized pistons and rings for a 7AFE!

I have a mate with a 7AGE in his AE86, and they dont rev very well, due to the stroke of the engine, but the torque is a nice change for a 4AGE ;)

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:eek: yeh ment head porting and block boring. I think toyota sell oversized pistons for the 4age that will fit, well so my brother say and he's a toyota parts man :P

I've been reading up and I see that they don't rev to well but I also read that they perform well compared to the 4AGE.

If I had a full engine managment system would this solve the low rev issue ??

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