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The Rain Cometh


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So it looks like it's here again, summer tried it's hardest to hold on , but nothing can halt the inevitable return of winter :crybaby:

Which of course means Wind, Rain, Ice, Rain, Snow, Fog, Rain, Cold, Rain, and some Rain :angry:

So who will be mothballing their 2 for the long dark miserable winter months? :huh:

Anybody taking their's off the road for some flashy paintwork? ;) or that mental engine work that nobody has ever tried before? :yes:

Or perhaps like myself is there anybody that is just a little bit of a sissy and does'nt like the thought of driving down Britain's speed camera infected roads in poor light, wind, rain, ice and any other combination of hideous wethear that will of course come our way over the coming months? :unsure:

Or will you tell me to pull myself together, stop insuring taxing and MOT'ing enough car's to start my own International driving championship, and just drive a little more cautiously over the miserable months? :rolleyes:

I think opinion will vary grately on this subject, just curious to hear what they will be ;)

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im not expecting to be driving mine ....cos Mr T seems to be looking after her most of the time lol seriously tho Think im going to carry on driving the 2 (if i ever get it back :rolleyes: ) unless it goes ultra nasty out there... dont fancy my chances tbh if theres snow/black ice. rain....ill do rain but any of the previous 2 and i think ima be driving my rover cos similar to what mark4turbo said.... 'id rather crash the rover' but more specifically relevant to me 'I almost WANT to crash the rover' lol :D

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Mine came off the road today, needs some work doing for the MOT, and its time to get the heavy work done, new kit, alloys, interior ect.

Comes in handy when ya have your own double garage and a pit in it ;)

Ive gone back to borrowing fathers civic 1.6 sport. ill still have a bit of fun.

Ive just got all my ICE through this week so im in the process of designing that, and also im having some custom seats made in white leather :drool: yummy.

first jobs, are new Battery, alternator upgrade, cills and rims. then im onto body kits, lights and engine, then finaly interior, new seats, and ICE. its getting plugged with over 5000w's of power! thats a lot for such a small cab!! im hoping that ive got enough room to fit the complete 5.1 system. theres also a 9" LCD monitor going in, along with some cool blue LED lighting.

the car should look the nutts for around march time ;) fingers crossed!

Im also in two minds whether or not to respray the car, but im liking it white at the mo


Ps: im just getting into ICE design and installs, so if ya need anything drop us an email

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Well it's p1ssing it down and I have alredy been looking at the rear end 2 times on my way to work GRIN GRIN GRIN !!!

not so cool when you get it wrong, i think i'll leave getting the nose painted untill summer, if we ever get a good one?

just been offeded a 309 1.4 for £100 - 12 months MOT no tax but 6 months should do to smoke arround in? options options......

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Mine will be staying out, makes you repect them more in weather like this......Saying that, can't boosting it at 40mph and getting the back end out its magic......... :hokus-pokus:

On a seperate note, you guys with LSDs do you find that the back end will always step out to the left if you boost it in a straight line ??

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My lovely car will be out on the roads through winter ,,the hardtop will get put on middle October( would have preferred bit sooner really) and i am having the garage door made (remote controll ? auotomatic? whatever you call it so i will be encouraged to house it in the garage during the terrible winter nights) P.P.

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