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St165 Power


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Basically i'm still looking into this, I have got one lined up in red. I've got a Fensport dump Valve and a blitz filter off my mate's old 91 Mr-2 Turbo. They should fit i hope?

Any other suggestions on where to find performance parts and the like?

Obviously Fensport and Envy any other idea's website's etc?

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Hi mate - another 165 owner :D

I take it the car has the original engine - rev 1 3SGTE. what mileage does it have on it? don't want to see you go throwing cash at an old engine to see it break.

you have some basic options. it all depends on your budget.

to get more power the easiest way to go is boost control - but the stock turbo has limits, so you then look at uprated turbo - but the intercooling has limits, so you look at front mount intercooler - but the fuelling has limits - see a pattern forming - so you upgrade the fuelling but the internals have limits etc etc etc.

So, to start again, the car has 180bhp as standard. it should pull a 15 second quarter mile. so in terms of time how fast do you want it to go and how many horses do you want powering it. getting it over 250bhp will be expensive but its possible.

Your looking at about £350 for an exhaust system - you need a good down pipe - £100 - boost controller can be had for £25 manual or £100 up for electric - front mount intercooler £400 ish - uprated turbo about £700, fueling requires bigger injectors, possibly fuel rail and pump.

I have a carlos sainz series 2 3sgte engine and rebuilt gearbox sitting on a pallet if your interested. will make 300BHP and break into 13's.

TBH mate I wouldnt go to mad with it as its a classic and the rev 1 engine is known to throw its big ends - i've been through two series one engines both big ends.

However - plenty of lads at http://www.gt4oc.net running st165's but they have spent a small fortune to get big power. Membership to the GT4 club is a must imho - costs £20 per year - you'll need their help.

I have a ST165 on the drive and it's going to a new home in a month or so.

good luck mate, hope it works out for ya..

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The engine has done as good as 100k, I've not bought it yet. It's a really nice car for it's age. I want a Retro car. Maybe to use on track days. I'm in the process of selling my 94 Impreza wrx and this is likely to be it's replacement (Was going to be a crx) The bonus is my wheels off my impreza will fit (maybe with the aid of spacers) I dont want to throw to much money @ it. I was thinking uprate the breathing filter and exhaust system maybe a turbo down pipe and i'll take it from there. It actually needs a exhaust so i was thinking about the Hks one from Fensport.

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they are nice retro racers to have - at 100K i'd say the engine may be on it's last legs. consider a rebuild now. I aqcuired one with 100K and FULL toyota service history and the big ends went within 200 miles as soon as it saw 5,500rpm in 3rd gear.

do a compression check before you buy it. if checks out ok - might be worth taking off the sump and checking the shells - easy to do mate and a new set of shells will see it ok.

exhaust - down pipe - tubby - boost controller and a remap will see 240bhp and will feel cool in the old girl :D

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Thanks for the advice, As a matter of interest the 3s-gte used in various other models and specs how different are they internally? i.e i know they have different injection and turbo set ups? Can they be used easily? i.e a 91 Mr-2 engine?

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