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I am thinking of p/xing my estima on a Hilux Surf, the 3L diesel auto model, preferably a 7 seater. I will be using it to occasionally tow a small caravan, anything in particular should I look out for? I have a budget of approx £5-6K including the Estima.

Any info gratefully received.


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Had a 4 Runner, the Uk version of the Surf, and found it very light on the back end especially in the wet. As it is initially a Hilux with a back, I came to the conclusion there is a need to carry heavy weights in the back to hold it down. Roundabouts in the wet gave the greatest trouble the tail tended to swing out. At least that was my experience of them. As for towing a caravan I think this factor should be seriously considered before buying one. I would be more inclined to go for the Colorado for towing purposes.


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Yes the back end is a bit light, but this all depends on the tyres and road conditions, it is a 2 ton vehicle with rear wheel drive(Normally) and has loads of grunt, but loads of the members on the Yotasurf site tow vans and have not had any problems.

The Colorado uses the same chassis as the 3rd gen surfs, and it has the same diesel turbo engine, so the only advantage would be the 7 seats.

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