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carina E - performance


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Recently purchase R reg Carina E.

Experiencing problem that seem to be linked to Econmy mode whereby reaction to pressing accelerator is delayed and at times sluggish. Particualrly when shifting from 3rd to 4th gear.

Also finding that the engine 'misses?' when I am crusing in 5th.

Neither dealer not local Toyota could find a fault using diagnostic equipment.

Anyone else getting similar problems ?

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What size engine is it? Also, is it an automatic transmission? My Carina is the 1.8 auto, and I have noticed that the performance is not quite what you would call brisk. If fitted, the aircon saps power from the engine when it is turned on. There is also a throttle switch that can be a bit sensitive - and may need adjusting.


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It is a 1.8 manual.

Yes I know about the aircon but this sluggishness is there consistently. It is to with the Economy lean burn mode. The Economy indicator bulb packed in this weekend which means it was obviosuly trying to tell me something.

I am finding that the fault is less frustrating when I 'pump' the throttle when accelerating.:)

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