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I done a bad thing I swapped my ae92 gti for an audi of all things.

There again it is an audi 80 sport with a few quattro bits thrown at it, the guy couldn't insure it for decent money cuz its modded.

By god its frappin' quick

oh the joys of a traders policy :P

still got my other 'rolla though

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ah well, at least you've traded it for something as reliable!

how is it that you become elligable for a traders policy? do you have to sell a certain number, or what? i wudnt mind having a go! :D

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I just went into the insurance brokers and asked, had to tell a small porky but that was only about what i did with the cars i just said i sold them on quickly, in my book quickly is every six months or so :P . The hard bit is finding someone who does the insurance try


see if they list brokers

I'm 32 and the insurance is costing me £778 3rd party only any car excluding cosworths to £2k I have 0 % no claims (lost 4 yrs last year) and 2 claims so its cheaper than insuring anything bigger than a 1300 fiesta.

They wont touch anyone under 21 though

Also means i can indulge in silly cars that audi has had some serious money thrown at it in the past :D

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