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Stereo Fascia Kit For Yaris


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Having recently installed my new stereo it works great but because the yaris dash curves where it is installed I can still see unsightly metal of the headunit...

If anyone is unsure what I mean I have pictures to show

basically I just want to hide the metal and I don't know if such a fascia 'kit' exists or where I would get one

Surely there are some other people who have this problem with the yaris, help appreciated



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There is not one available. The Non OE head unit does fit a little proud of the dashboard and therey is not much taht u can do about it. Just make sure taht everything is homed into the cage.

the trim that u get with the stereo, ( SONY comes to mind) wont fit in the gap, but u can make something up if u really can be bothered.

Its a small price to pay for something so god don't you all agree?? B)

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There must be one available... if not in the pipeline!

just looks ridiculous when u can still see metal of the cd player, i know it's only a small amount but i'm a bit of a perfectionist, I won't rest until I sort it :P

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dont quote me on this, but RS Turbos have REALLY small facias. you might be able to mod one.

i dont know if its the right size or anything. i just know there very thin....

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