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Downside Of Modding...


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Having noticed a BIG difference since fitting Paul Port water injection... I've also noticed I've eaten my clutch.

Car has covered 58,000 miles.

I'm currently looking at the Exedy Single Plate Cerametallic Racing Clutch (S Type)... but am open to advice.

I'm also considering the Helix Stage 2 clutch.

With regards to fitting... how long does it take?... also, those that have had their clutch replaced, what did it cost you?

Thanks for your help people...


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Downside  :P It's just given you a excuse to get a better one  :thumbsup:


Hahahaha... you know me tooooooo well! ;)

I seem to remember this coming up before and it wasn't very good :eek:

Here's one of the posts  CLICKY

Cheers for the link mate. I did a search before posting, but didn't come across that one. Thank you.

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Alright mate...

I was going to go for the exact same clutch but was advised to go for the organic one. I think the reason went something along the lines of...

The ceramic doesn't wear so fast, but if it does it goes fast compared to the organic one. Or something like that!!... lol.

I have the same, but organic one. Is supposedly good for 450+ bhp. Got it from dpmotorsports. As for cost and labour mate.. can't remember, it was so long ago!

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RPS do a good clutch for the 3s rated to over 450 ftlbs comes with flywheel 6 puk cerametalic plate and up rated cover. a mate of mine can get a near identical kit for about £550 (depends on exchange rate) fitted a few on GT4s now and they are very good. still gives a nice light pedal

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look like the same clutches but he gets em with a lightened flywheel (50% lighter) ill see him tommorow and check current lead time

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Not really after a flywheel to be honest.

Got a price from Whifbitz for the RPS Max Series Street clutch... £344.28 including VAT. It's the organic one, but still rated to 450lb/ft torque. Organic one suits me better as I use it day to day, and gentle slipping of the clutch in traffic doesn't wear the organic one as quick as the cera-metallic... not that I do that!!!

Getting them to fit it too. They've quoted 3-4 hours for the job. Fensport said the same. It'd take me at least double that... they've got the tools, the know-how... plus I don't fancy doing it on the street in this weather!

Anyone heard anything good or bad about Whifbitz's work?

Cheers guys.

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I went with a Clutchmaster and the FW outlasted it (12 months) .. went for a Helix paddle from fennies .. it was about the same as stock I thought. But then you know how I drive.

Whifbitz .. Paul has been about in IMOC circles for years .. I chatted to him a long time ago about a few bits, and the fact he's still here kinda says something.

Millway was about 4 hours .. have you thought atbout Rogue Systems? Only in Coventry?

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Cheers for the response Ben.

Nearly bought the Helix stage 2... but after Dawsey mentioned the RPS I started looking into it. Having looked around, I spoke to Paul and he highly recommended the RPS unit. He's only 40 minutes from me.

I didn't think of Rogue to be completely honest.

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