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Front Brake Pads

King Rocco

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try ccmotorsport.co.uk

never actually ordered from them before so i dont know what they are like. free delivery though which is not bad i suppose  :)

I wouldn't touch CCMOTORSPORT with a barge-pole anymore! Carl has been promising to send a DTS spoiler for my wife's Beetle for 3 months now! I have contacted Visa International re: online fraud and will also be contacting the Office of Fair Trading. He hardly ever replies to Emails, then blames spam in his Emails and also the "bad couriers". He's had online complaints registered in other Google forums since 2002. Recommendation: avoid like the plague.



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I use www.brakeparts.co.uk for all my stopping needs.

Stop Press! more Intel. just in:

It would appear that running and maintaining an ethical and speedy online car accessories business has become a tad too much for our Carl Collins and his ccmotorsport.co.uk

When attempting to enter the online shop, you are automatically processed through to


I haven't found anything negative on Google regarding this mob. One can only hope they are ethical and actually deliver the goods once they have received payment. Let's hope! My Bank is in the final stages of reversing the 130 Quid I paid to Carl for invisible auto parts. Here's hoping http://www.1stcarshop.co.uk/ deliver!



Warning: Best to Stay AWAY from CCMOTORSPORT.CO.UK and order directly from http://www.1stcarshop.co.uk/ instead.

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