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i have just been looking on eBay and came across a product that claims to increase bhp by upto 20, does anyone know anything about these chip sets and if they work or mess your engine up, at 15 quid it seems a cheap way to increase performance, any info would be apreciated



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Bazza leave well be,i've heard about them and you will mess the old girl up if you try it.

Basically if it sounds to good to be true,it is :thumbsup:

Last i heard it trys to tell the brain it has more cold air coming in than it thought so adjusts accordingly,basically will knacker up the engine asap.

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cheers mate i thought as much, just found another on there for a fiver, yep u r right iif sounds to good to be true then it probally is,

by the way wouldnt mind some of that money the blues are getting right now

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