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Gen 5/6 Alzettas


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Hi Guys,

Just want to make you all aware of an online petition to get alzetta style lights made up for Gen 5 and 6 celica's.

If we get enough names on the list we can hopefully convince a manufacturer to get of their behinds and give us the lights we deserve!!

sign up here: (currently 173 sigs.)

Sign Me !!

cheers guys

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seriously though, they make them for every other car on the planet... why not the celica!

He's got a point and my signature, hope it helps! :thumbsup:

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Im not actually a great lover of the lexus style lights. I think (in the case of the gen6) the late spec lights looks best.

But hey im all for making manufacturers get their thumbs out. So i'll sign your petition! :lol:

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I dont know how many of you are over here in the states, but here, those lights are the worst. Every kid who goes and buys a Civic get's those lights. They put huge exhausts on them and then go and try to race everyone on the streets giving all of us import tuners a bad rap. I dont know about any of you, but I think those lights are horrid.

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