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Cambelt Change On 100,000 Mile Mr2


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I have just put a deposit on a mint Mr2 mk2, slight problem with the alternator and chap is sorting that b4 I buy it, otherwise shes mint.

he's owned her for 3 years and in that time he has not had any work apart form services and a full years MOT that has just been put on it.

Ha an HPI report done and it checks out ok, cant seem to find in the SH when the last cambelt change was - should this be done every 40,000 miles?

If so I will get it done straight away, unless i can find out when the last chnage was done, if I have to get it done any idea how much this would cost to get done properly?

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apparently 100,000 km (62,000miles) is the norm (there is even a sticker on my timing belt cover indicating this). dont forget that the sw20 is a "non-interference" engine which apparently means if the belt snaps u wont bend valves and things - it will just stop - so in neccesity terms i suppose u shouldnt be too concerned about changing it in a rush (if damage is your concern), though obviously it it reassuring to know u have a new belt. :rolleyes:

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Quote: "Change timing belt at 63,000 miles intervals or 5 years" - whichever is the sooner.

My last belt change (24 November 2000) cost:

£166.40 (+VAT) for labour

£29.74 (+VAT) for the Timing belt

£27.24 (+VAT) for the Steering Pump belt

£32.42 (+VAT) for the Fan belt

This was for a GT-Four (basically the same engine)

The timing belt change is a 'Fixed Price' item. Some garages will state that it is expensive as the engine has to come out - it does not. I had a MR2 (SW20) belt changed about 7 years ago and the garage said that it can be done without removing the engine - one of the most helpful Toyota dealers in Berkshire and they had their franchise taken. :crybaby:

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Yes its true the belt can be changed with the engine in place.... its just quite hard!!!!

...Hows the clutch??? its just its so much easier to remove the engine complete and do the too jobs together if they both needed that is.

Dan :thumbsup:

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Thanks chaps!

i have asked for the sh to be forwarded as i am picking her up in a week or two, so I can find out when the last cam belt change was done.

I have been quoted around 200 for the work and parts in an Altricham Toyota garage (near Manchester) my Dad lives in High Wycombe tho and i was thnking of maybe having it done down there when i drive down south first week August, anyone happen to know any decent toyota dealers in or around the bucks area that wont charge a small fortune for this?!!

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