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1996 Lwb Hiace


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Hello russ,

firstly welcome to the club....

secondly.... could you please add your location into your profile please

thirdly..... Is it a devon conversion??? if its a yes then its a mod thats done here in the uk, parts are ok to get also, the 2.8 engine, thats fine aslong as like everything in life you look after it :D

Dan :thumbsup:

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The 2.8 litre 3L unit on the Hiace is a pretty tough engine. It will last a long time if looked after properly. As for the parts, you shouldn't have much problem. As for the performance, you got to drive it yourself. I personally like the 1KZ engine but taking into account that the car is going to be converted to be a camper van, so called 'van' type which only comes in 3L which will be more adequete. :)

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Yes, certain components are mechanically similar and construction wise too. Thus service manual of Hilux will be adequete.

The Hiace which comes with 3L unit is so called commercial range. Over here, most vans are Ford Transit but over there it is the Hiace. Thus these Hiace is design to carry goods thus very tough indeed and mechanically fairly simple therefore easy to maintain.

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