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Guest Calum

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Well it seems that recently I have washed up in Tawian, yes i know pretty random, and it seems like I am going to live here now, which is nice. :wacko:

But is anyone else in Taiwan at the moment by any chance, or is that just too random?

Also to say that toyota accessories over here are dirt cheap, even stuff like wheels and exhausts, good quality too.

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Hi Calum. Hope u are having a blinding time in Taiwan. B)

So how many spare Toyota parts can you get in carry-on luggage on your return flight...... :P :D :lol:

What are you driving about in out there......?

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That is a bizarre place to find yourself washed up at. Did you fall of a boat? :lol:

I usually fall of a plane into a boat and if the wife has her way i can see that happening sooner rather than later :(

So what are you doing over there Calum?

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