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Mkii Stereo Component Help


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Hi All,

I've only just bought my first MR2 last Wednesday, and only just signed up to the site. Go easy on me :P

I bought it with a Kenwood Flip Face head unit which I believe is 4x 50watts.

Now to my questions:

1. I know some of the GT's came with the "deluxe" stereo. To save me tearing up carpet, does the 1990 MKII have the pre-cut sub holes in the carpet? If so, what sizes can they fit?

2. What Speakers, size and type, do you recommend for the rear fill Speakers?

3. What Speakers, size and type, do you recommend for the front fill speakers?

4. Will the factory tweeters suffice for a decent stereo?

5. What amp do you recommend to power the subs? I'd be bridging a 4 channel just to power the subs, I'm not running any of the rear or front fills off an amp.

Keep in mind that I'm aiming at a fairly level system. I'm not aiming for it to be base heavy or anything :)

I know it's a big ask for my first post, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers :thumbsup:

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