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Parting Out A 90 Camry 4wd


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HI people, I just signed up to this board. You see, I have a problem. :( I own a Toyota! :lol: Just kidding!

Well I actually own 2 Camry's, 90 and 91 4WD. I just purchased the 90 for a parts car and I want it dismantled and out of sight before the town starts to give me grieve.

So my question(s) is...Can I take the dash out in one peice and, if so, how? Pictures would be helpful. I figure that taking it out in one peice would be faster than dismantling it in the car. Also, when it comes time to locate a dash part it will be where it belongs on the dash.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't think you can get it out in one piece, but the biggest part will be one piece.

Start with the lower panels in front of your knees, the screws are obvious once you are on the floor looking at it at eye level. The driver's side has a hidden clip to the steering column, but this is easy to reach. Don't just pull until it breaks.

The passenger side needs the glovebox released first. Open it and the securing screws are obvious.

Once these are off, it all looks fairly simple. That's as far as I'd got, but get that far and just look. they seem to be simple, which is the Japanese way.

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Thanks Nigel,

I'm taking the dash out this weekend as it is suppose to rain. After that it's the drive train and what ever body parts I can salvage (rust is a big problem with this car).

Thanks again

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Hopefully you got the dash out ok.

I now have a problem, which you may be able to help with.

I need the RH Front ABS sensor for a 1990 Camry, which if your breaker had ABS, you will have. If you have one, are you willing to part with it?

This is mounted at the inner side of the front hub, fixed by one bolt, then the long cable is attached by several bolts until it disappears behind the wheelarch liner. Behind the wheelarch liner is the connector.

If you have one, and are willing to part with it, please email me direct,

nigel_cox@unipart.co.uk or


Hopefully we can agree terms.

It will need sending to the UK.



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